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You can contact the team at any time to ask any questions you may have. However, before you get in touch, take a look at the Powerball, Mega Millions & Lotto America FAQ pages linked below to see if your query is answered there. There are also a few common queries below.

I've won a prize. What do I do now?

You need to claim your prize while your ticket is still valid. Expiration dates vary by state, but it is always sometime between 90 days and 365 days after a drawing. You can claim prizes of up to $599 from authorized lottery retailers, but larger amounts will need to be claimed by mail or from a state lottery office.

Remember that you need to claim any prizes you win in the same state as you bought your ticket. is not responsible for claiming prizes so you will have to contact the relevant state lottery directly for assistance if you have an issue. Go to the How to Claim page for more information about what you need to do if you win.

What is the current jackpot?

Powerball and Mega Millions both offer jackpots of at least $20 million. Find out the Current Powerball Jackpot and the Current Mega Millions Jackpot. You'll see the advertised annuity amount, and the cash option if you'd prefer the lump sum.

How much will I be taxed if I win?

The amount of tax withheld on prizes depends on various factors, including where you have played and how much you have won. Go to the Jackpot Analysis pages for Powerball or Mega Millions to find out how much tax would be due on the current grand prize. You should also remember that tax is greatly affected by your own individual circumstances so it is wise to get expert advice in the event of a big win.

Other questions

If you have another query, you may find out the answer by going to the Information page. If you still need to get in touch, contact us via the following email address and we will reply as soon as we can.

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Sending a query by email is recommended as it allows us to respond more quickly. However, you can also contact us by mail. Write to us at the following address:
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*Please do not send any lottery tickets to this address.

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