Current Lotto America Jackpot


Find out the value of the current Lotto America jackpot. The grand prize is always worth at least $2 million, and keeps growing until it is won.

The box below shows how much there is to play for in the next drawing. You can see the annuity value of the jackpot, plus the cash alternative if you would prefer to take the lump sum.

Current Lotto America Jackpot Value

$4.98 Million
Cash Value$2.36 Million

The advertised jackpot for Lotto America is an estimated amount based on how many tickets are expected to be sold in the next drawing. There 13 participating states, so the grand prize can increase quickly when lots of players take part.

The annuity figure is how much you would be paid out over 30 years. The cash amount shows how much you would receive if you chose a lump sum. It is entirely your decision which to take if you win.

Both the cash and annuity amounts are subject to tax. Go to the Jackpot Analysis page to calculate what your final total would be, based on the tax that would be owed in your state and your chosen payment method.

To win the Lotto America jackpot, you have to match all five main numbers from 1 to 52, plus the Star Ball from 1 to 10. If multiple players match all the numbers, the grand prize is split between the winners. Each lucky player can then decide whether to take the annuity or the lump sum for their share of the prize.

Lowest and Highest Jackpots

The jackpot has been known to get into the tens of millions of dollars. When Lotto America was revived in 2017, it started with $15 million in the pot as it picked up from the recently concluded Hot Lotto game. The jackpot grew to $22.8 million before the Kujava family from Badger in Minnesota made history by winning the lot.

Since then, the Lotto America jackpot has always started at $2 million. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that a minimum amount could not be guaranteed, with players urged to stay at home and ticket sales low. But the game continued and there has always been a steady stream of big winners. There is no limit to how high the jackpot could go.

In April 2023, a player from Iowa became Lotto America’s new record winner. The jackpot was worth $40.03 million, having not previously been won since July 2021.