Powerball Number Checker

Check your Powerball numbers here to find out if you have won a prize using the Powerball Number Checker.

The shock of a potential win can leave players feeling overwhelmed when trying to qualify the validity of a ticket. So before comparing your numbers with the results yourself, you can speed up the process using the Powerball ticket check tool before officially confirming with a reputable lottery retailer.

The Powerball Checker will do the calculations for you and let you know instantly whether you are holding a winning ticket for Powerball drawings that have taken place over the past 60 days.

How do I check my Powerball numbers?

Select your 5 main numbers from the "Balls" section below, followed by your Powerball number. You can enter your numbers in any order. You can also check Power Play and Double Play.

Hit "Check My Ticket" to see how many numbers you have matched in drawings from the last 60 days on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. You can also check more than one ticket at a time. Simply select "Add Ticket" to check another set.

The Powerball ticket checker is a simple way to verify whether you've selected any winning numbers. That said, it is always important to verify whether or not you have one independently.

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