Lotto America

Lotto America is the multi-state lottery which restarted in a new format in 2017. It is played in 15 states, with drawings held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday night. The jackpot is always worth at least $2 million and it can go much higher!

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Lotto America Payouts

View the winning Lotto America numbers from the latest drawing. All the payouts are on display so you can discover the number of winners and how much was won.

Results History

Take a look at this list of historical Lotto America numbers. View the past winning numbers along with the payouts for every draw since the game began.

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How to Play

Select five numbers from 1 to 52, a Star Ball from 1 to 10 and then decide whether you want to add the All Star Bonus. It's that simple to play Lotto America.

Current Jackpot

How much is the Lotto America jackpot worth? Find out what the current lump sum and annuity values are for the top prize.

Jackpot Analysis

Find an analysis of the current Lotto America jackpot, helping you to see the tax implications for you and the annuity payouts you would receive.


Generate a set of Lotto America numbers for the next drawing with one quick tap. The numbers provided are completely random, just like a Quick Pick.

Biggest Winners

Take a look at some of the biggest winners in the history of Lotto America. You can find out how much was won and where the winning tickets were purchased.

Odds and Prizes

With nine different ways to win, the overall odds of landing a Lotto America prize are better than 1 in 10. See all the prizes on offer in every drawing.


If you've got any old Lotto America tickets that are still in date, use the Checker to discover if you are due a prize.

Frequency Chart

Take a look at frequency charts for the main numbers and the Star Ball, showing which ones are the most common and which are overdue.


The latest Smartpicks give you an idea of which numbers to play if you want to base your selections on a mixture of hot and cold Lotto America numbers.


The most common queries about Lotto America are answered here, giving you all the information you need about different aspects of the game.


Find out the deadline for buying tickets, when drawings are held and when payouts are announced with this handy Lotto America timeline.