Mega Millions Number Checker

If you're wondering how to check your Mega Millions tickets quickly, use the automatic Mega Millions Number checker below. Tap on the numbers you played in the grid and they will turn yellow once selected. Once you've picked all of your numbers, hit the 'Check My Ticket' button and the Mega Millions Ticket Checker will compare your selections to the outcome of all verified Mega Millions draws from the last 60 days. You will find out instantly if those numbers have won a prize, with your matches highlighted alongside the verified win amount.

Need to check multiple Mega Millions tickets? Just click or tap the "+ Add Ticket" button as many times as you require to fill in extra fields. You can reset the checker at any time, or tap a number again to deselect it.

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Choose five balls from 1 to 70 and one mega ball from 1 to 25