What is the Current Powerball Jackpot?


Below you'll find the current Powerball jackpot amount for the next drawing. The top prize has a starting value of $20 million and keeps increasing with each draw until it's won. To hit the jackpot, a player needs to match all six numbers - five white balls plus the red Powerball.

Current Powerball Jackpot
$135 Million
Cash Lump Sum: $79.2 Million

The current Powerball jackpot value depends on how many tickets are sold for each draw and how long the jackpot has been rolling. Each time there's a drawing, the jackpot "rolls over" and grows. The minimum amount it increases is $2 million per draw, although typically it's a lot more than this.

The jackpot value is the same across all 48 jurisdictions where Powerball is played. That means if you win the jackpot, the amount is the same no matter where you live or bought your ticket.

After the jackpot is won, it resets to its $20 million starting level. The current estimated jackpot is always announced before the drawing. Visit Powerball Jackpot Analysis to see a breakdown of the current annuity and lump sum payouts and how federal and state taxes affect them.

Lowest Powerball Jackpot

During the coronavirus pandemic, Powerball officials eliminated a guaranteed level for the lowest jackpot and rollovers due to falling ticket sales as players stayed at home. Previously, the starting jackpot was $40 million and there was a minimum rollover of $10 million. Since the changes came into effect, the starting jackpot has been $20 million and rollover increases have been at least $2 million. However, these amounts could change if necessary based on the ticket sales required to support the jackpot.

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