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Wednesday, September 20, 2023
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Powerball California Payouts
Category CA Winners Prize Per Winner CA Prize Total
Match 5 + Powerball 0 $677,100,000 $0
Match 5 0 $4,981,570 $0
Match 4 + Powerball 5 $14,874 $74,370
Match 4 80 $464 $37,120
Match 3 + Powerball 209 $184 $38,456
Match 3 5,504 $8 $44,032
Match 2 + Powerball 4,551 $9 $40,959
Match 1 + Powerball 35,307 $5 $176,535
Match 0 + Powerball 88,038 $4 $352,152
Match 5 (with Power Play) - - -
Match 4 + Powerball (with Power Play) - - -
Match 4 (with Power Play) - - -
Match 3 + Powerball (with Power Play) - - -
Match 3 (with Power Play) - - -
Match 2 + Powerball (with Power Play) - - -
Match 1 + Powerball (with Power Play) - - -
Match 0 + Powerball (with Power Play) - - -
Totals 133,694 - $763,624

What is Powerball CA?

Powerball CA is a multi-jurisdictional lottery game, available to play for residents of California via The California State Lottery.

Participants choose any five numbers from 1 to 69, and then a further red Powerball from 1 to 26. The Powerball jackpot continues to rollover until it is won.

Powerball was added to The California State Lottery’s games roster in February 2012 following a review by its management team in response to declining sales and revenues from lottery tickets. The first Powerball tickets eventually went on sale in California on April 8, 2013. 

California is the only state that doesn't offer the Power Play option and instead pays out winners for non-jackpot prizes on a pari-mutuel basis.

Who operates Powerball CA?

Powerball CA is run on behalf of the State of California by The California State Lottery.

As stipulated by the Lottery Act, it offers a number of Lottery number draws and scratchards with the intention of generating revenues to provide more funding to schools and public education.

Aside from the Mega Millions jackpot prize which has a one year claim period, all prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw. Any unclaimed funds are transferred to the State’s education fund.

In 2011 the California State Lottery moved its headquarters to a new $58 million building in Sacramento.

This is the California Lottery Address: California State Lottery, 700 North 10th Street, Sacramento, California 95811

Can you play other lottery games in CA?

In October 1985, the first lottery tickets recorded on sale in California were called scratchers

A year later in October 1986, a weekly Lotto game was launched.

In 2005 it launched its first multi-jurisdictional format by joining Mega Millions and in 2013 added Powerball to its games roster with three draws per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Now, more than 35 years later, The following lottery based formats are available to residents of California.

In-house Draw Games

  • Daily 3
  • Daily 4,
  • Daily Derby
  • Fantasy 5
  • SupperLotto plus
  • Hot Spot

Multi-State games

  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball

Who was the first CA Powerball Winner?

On October 27, 2013, Carl Mitchell became the first ever Powerball Jackpot winner in California, winning $213 million.

The 68 year old and his wife said they planned to use the money to support the local church, help out their family, and buy a vacation home.

The retailer Fast N Easy were rewarded with a $1 million bonus as a result of selling the winning ticket.

Has there been a recent winning CA Powerball ticket?

The most recent winning Powerball California ticket was the unclaimed $2.04 Billion ticket sold in Altadena on November 7th 2022. 

In January of the same year, Orlando Zavala split $632.6 Million with another winner from Wisconsin.

These two 2022 California Powerball Lottery wins became the 1st and 3rd biggest ever jackpot wins in the golden state.

Where in CA have winning Powerball tickets been sold?

The biggest win in jackpot history at $2.04 Billion was sold at Joe’s service center in Altadena, north east of Los Angeles.

In January 2022 a ticket was bought at a Seven Eleven in Sacramento with a split prize win of $632 Million.

The first ever winning Powerball numbers were purchased from a Fast N Easy, Fresno in October 2013.

The first ever winning ticket in Los Angeles was sold to Willie Nelson at a Choice Market on the 1st of August 2015. He won a $110 Million Powerball jackpot.

Have there been other notable Powerball winners in CA?

The most notable win in California Powerball history took place on November 7, 2022 with a $2.04 billion powerball jackpot win after 2 months of jackpot rollovers. This easily eclipsed the previous record win of $1.586 Billion by more than $400 million.

The chances of such a win are 1 in 292.2 million.

The winning ticket was sold at Joe’s service center in Altadena, California. The owner of the store was stunned to find out his store won a $ 1 million bonus as a result of selling the winning ticket.

The third-largest jackpot worth $1.08 billion was won on July 19, 2023 at Las Palmitas Mini Market in Los Angeles.

What about other California lottery winners?

Auburn Califf made history and won the biggest ever scratch card prize in the state's history, winning $20 million after he decided on a whim to grab a beer and a lottery ticket. 

How do I check if I am a winner?

The easiest way to check is to use our Powerball Numbers Checker


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