$1.20 Billion Powerball Jackpot In Top Three Biggest Prizes

After having rolled over 32 times, the Powerball jackpot is still without a winner. No one could match all six winning numbers which were drawn on Monday, therefore the grand prize rose again and reached $1.20 billion.

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For the October 2, 2023 draw, the winning numbers were 12, 26, 27, 43, 47, with the red Powerball number 5. The Power Play multiplier was 2x. From the total of 2,749,731 winners, four of them managed to match five main numbers and win the second tier prizes. Two of them, from Delaware and Michigan, won $1 million each for matching the five numbers without the Powerball. Two other players from New York and South Carolina chose the Power Play option and won $2 million each. 

2023 So Far

This year, there have been four Powerball jackpot winners so far. While that might seem like a small number, the main reason behind that is the fact that the grand prizes have been rolling over many times without being won—sometimes over 30 times!

The first win of the year was on February 6 and it created history as it was Washington’s biggest-ever win. The $754 million jackpot, now in seventh place in the top ten largest Powerball prizes, was won by Becky Bell. She bought the winning ticket in Auburn and chose to go for the cash option of $407.2 million. 

The second jackpot winner of 2023 was found less than a month later, in Virginia. The March 4 draw brought a $162.6 jackpot to an anonymous player who bought the ticket at the Gill Brothers in Dublin. The winner chose the annuity option, meaning that they will get the prize in annual installments over 30 years. 

After 19 draws from the previous win, a player from Ohio won a jackpot worth $252 million on April 19 . The grand prize was claimed a few weeks later by The Crazy Luck Trust, represented by John K. Krajeski. The winner went for the $134.7 cash option payout. 

The last win, and the biggest this year, happened on the July 19 draw when a player from California managed to match all six numbers and win $1.08 billion. The prize hasn’t been claimed yet and no further details have been released about the winner. Previously on the third place in the top ten biggest prizes, this jackpot now falls on the fourth place as it’s been replaced by the current one. 

With a cash option of $551.7 million, the current jackpot could be yours if you enter the next draw. Just make sure you check the winning numbers after the draws take place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. 

Published: Tuesday, October 3, 2023