Powerball Double Play Continues To Expand

Powerball Double Play is continuing to expand, with two more states set to start offering the extra feature - Iowa and Mississippi.

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Double Play is an optional game that can be played alongside Powerball. It is already available in 17 states at an additional cost of $1 per play.

Your numbers from the main drawing are also entered into the separate Double Play drawing and you win prizes in exactly the same way - by matching at least three numbers, or the Powerball.

There’s a fixed jackpot of $10 million in every Double Play drawing. This is shared if there are multiple winners and does not grow if nobody wins.

It has proved to be very popular since it was launched in August 2021, and soon it will be a feature in two more locations.

The Mississippi Lottery has confirmed that Double Play will be introduced in the Magnolia State from the drawing on Monday, November 6, with tickets going on sale a day earlier.

Mississippi only joined the main Powerball game in January 2020, after the state lottery was finally established in November 2019.

Double Play is also set to be rolled out in Iowa after the state’s Lottery Board recently approved it.

Speaking in August, Iowa Lottery spokesperson Mary Neubauer said they were ‘shooting hopefully for mid-September’ to have it ready to go, although the exact date has yet to be confirmed.

Powerball Jackpot on the Rise

When you add Double Play to a Powerball ticket, it gives you the chance to win prizes on both games.

You have to match all five numbers and the Powerball to win the jackpot. While the Double Play jackpot is always worth $10 million, the main game’s grand prize starts at $20 million and grows every time it is not won.

It is currently worth a colossal $550 million, having not been won since a player from California landed more than $1 billion on July 19. Make sure to check the winning numbers after every draw to see if it keeps climbing.

Published: Tuesday, September 12, 2023