Most Picked Powerball numbers in 2019

The Powerball lottery took place on 104 occasions during 2019, meaning 520 main numbers and 104 'Powerballs' were picked by the machine.

Looking at the Main Powerball numbers, the most-often picked number was #14 which appeared and eerily coincidental 14 times.  The second most picked number as #6 which made 13 appearances and then 32 and 66 which shared third place with 12 drawings each.

Over at The Powerball, the number which was drawn the most was #21 with eight appearances.  In second place came #3 which was drawn seven times and #3 which was the winning number seven times.

Here are the top 10 most-picked main numbers:

Most Picked Powerball numbers in 2019
Powerball Number Number of times picked
14 14
6 13
32 12
66 12
5 11
8 11
23 11
53 11
59 11
35 10

Least picked Powerball Numbers in 2019

At the other end of the scale, the least commonly drawn numbers in Powerball were #33, #40 and #58 all of which were in the winning numbers a meagre three times each. After that #11 made just four appearances.  Each Powerball number ‘should’ appear seven times each in a random draw over time, so these numbers are definitely Cold Numbers for 2019.

Overdue numbers

If you believe in overdue numbers, those which should appear soon because they haven’t done so for a long time, then look no further than #49.  It hadn’t been drawn since 15th June until the end of the year.  That made #49 the most over-due number by a long stretch. 

So, guess when it then appeared as a winning number?  Yep, the first draw of 2020 on 1st January.