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Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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Mega Millions California Payouts
Category CA Winners Prize Per Winner CA Prize Total
Match 5 + Mega Ball 0 $30,000,000 $0
Match 5 0 $95,530 $0
Match 4 + Mega Ball 9 $1,470 $13,230
Match 4 90 $165 $14,850
Match 3 + Mega Ball 224 $75 $16,800
Match 3 3,872 $5 $19,360
Match 2 + Mega Ball 2,751 $6 $16,506
Match 1 + Mega Ball 16,090 $3 $48,270
Match 0 + Mega Ball 35,018 $2 $70,036
Match 5 (with Megaplier) - - -
Match 4 + Mega Ball (with Megaplier) - - -
Match 4 (with Megaplier) - - -
Match 3 + Mega Ball (with Megaplier) - - -
Match 3 (with Megaplier) - - -
Match 2 + Mega Ball (with Megaplier) - - -
Match 1 + Mega Ball (with Megaplier) - - -
Match 0 + Mega Ball (with Megaplier) - - -
Totals 58,054 - $199,052

What is Mega Millions CA?

Mega Millions CA is a multi-state, multi-million dollar lottery game run by The California State Lottery.

Tickets cost $2 and the estimated Mega Millions jackpot starts at $40m and continues to rollover until a winning ticket matches all five numbers and the mega ball.

The odds of winning the main jackpot are 1 in 302,575,350.

California is the only state that doesn't offer the 'megaplier' option that allows players to increase the winnings for non-jackpot prizes. Instead it runs a pari-mutuel lottery system which divides money from ticket sales between winners of the relevant prize level.

Who Operates Mega Millions CA

Mega Millions CA is run on behalf of the state of California by The California State Lottery.

As stipulated by the Lottery Act, It offers a number of Lottery number draws and scratchards with the intention of generating revenues to provide more funding to schools and public education.

The Mega Millions jackpot has a one year period and any unclaimed funds are transferred to the State’s education fund.

In 2011 the California State Lottery moved its headquarters to a new $58 million building in Sacramento.

The address is as follows:

California State Lottery, 700 North 10th Street, Sacramento, California 95811

Can you play other lottery games in CA?

Tickets can be purchases in California for the following games:

In-house Draw Games

  • Daily 3
  • Daily 4,
  • Daily Derby
  • Fantasy 5
  • SupperLotto plus
  • Hot Spot

Multi-State games

  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball

Note: Both Powerball and Mega Millions non-jackpot prizes are run on a pari-mutuel basis

Who was the first CA Mega millions Winner?

The first Mega Millions California jackpot winners were known as the ‘lucky 7’.

Six Orange County medical lab technicians and a receptionist claimed a $315 million prize on November 15, 2005, which at the time was the largest lottery jackpot won in Californian history.

The ‘lucky 7’ arrived in a stretched limo to claim their prize. They each took a cut of the winnings with one of them planning to pay for their sick nephews' open heart surgery.

Despite most of their co-workers being happy for them, some felt resentful towards the winners and believed they should have been included in the lottery pool.

Has there been a recent winning California Mega Millions ticket?

The most recent Mega Millions win in California was October 14, 2022. The jackpot of $502 million is one of the largest in Californian history. The lucky ticket was sold at a seven eleven in San Jose, California

Where in CA have winning mega millions tickets been sold?

The first winning ticket sold in  California was at Rainbow Water in Anaheim.

The two most popular places where winning Mega Millions tickets are sold in California are San Jose and Los Angeles.

Three winning tickets have been sold in San Jose including the most recent in October this year that hit the jackpot of over half a billion dollars, sold at a Seven Eleven store.

The other two tickets were sold at Ernie's Liquor and Jenny's Gift Shop.

Los Angeles is popular with Mega Millions winners, providing four jackpot winning tickets to date.

Have there been other notable mega millions winners in CA?

Another notable Mega Millions winner inCalifornia is delivery driver Steve Tran. On December 17, 2013, he won a share of the $648 million jackpot and collected $324 million. 

He bought the ticket in San Jose, however he completely forgot about it until he remembered in the middle of the night and decided to check his tickets. He only realized he’d won two weeks after the drawing and as soon as he found out, he instantly called his boss to quit his job.

What about other lottery winners in CA?

An anonymous individual from California shattered all lottery records in the US with the highest ever jackpot win. A Powerball CA jackpot of $2.04 Billion was sold in Altadena, California on November 7, 2022 making this the only ever lottery win over $2 Billion ever in the US.

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