$747 Million Jackpot Is in All-Time Powerball Top Five

The next Powerball drawing will give players a chance to take their place in the top five of the biggest winners of all time. The grand prize has got up to $747 million following an 11-week sequence without a winner.

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A $700 million jackpot was available in the most recent drawing on Saturday, February 4. Four tickets - from Florida, New Jersey, Oregon and Pennsylvania - matched all five white balls to net their owners $1 million each. However, nobody was able to match all the main numbers and the Powerball of 10, so the jackpot has increased again.

It now stands on the brink of three quarters of a billion dollars, making it the fifth-largest jackpot ever to be seen. Strong sales before Monday’s deadline, or certainly one more rollover, and the jackpot will climb into the top three.

The estimated jackpot of $747 million is worth $403.1 million. If you win, you would have to decide whether to take the money as an annuity or a lump sum.

There are advantages to both options, but the cash payout has been the most popular method with recent winners as it provides an instant boost to the bank balance.

It is worth considering the tax implications, though, which are different depending on where you live. Go to the Jackpot Analysis page to calculate how much you would receive if you won, whether you went for the lump sum or the annuity.

If you are struggling to work out which numbers to play in the big draw, you may wish to consider the latest Powerball Smartpicks. Using a statistical formula based on recent hot and cold numbers, the Smartpicks give you several lines to mull over.

Once the draw has taken place, go to the Powerball Payouts page to find out if the jackpot has been won. You can also get a breakdown of how many winners there were in each category. 

Published: Monday, February 6, 2023
Updated: Monday, February 6, 2023